Telco Solutions

With more than 04 years in the field of information services and telecommunication, VNHD is one of the strongest local SI in Vietnam market, mostly focusing on the core network. Being strategic partner of world leading technology solution providers, such as Samsung, Soti, ManageEngine, Vmware, IBM, Oracle CGBU, Sonus Networks, Allot Communications, Anritsu, HPE, etc…   we are proud to be a golden gate to Vietnam telco market and a trusted solution partner of top three Vietnam’s CSPs.


MDM solution

We are one of the best MDM integrator.We deployed thousand device license of Samsung Knox, Soti MobiControl, ManageEngine, and IBM Maas 360 for vietnamese customer each year.


Future AI Platform

Future AI Platform is an Automated Deep Learning and Machine Learning Platform that enables . The platform is applied to monitor, analyze information, process images and tables...

Enables the design, training, and evaluation of machine learning and deep learning models without the need for programming techniques. Users can develop machine learning and deep learning models to solve problems in different fields simply by following guided steps with the model feasibility help system.

Allow users to freely design the object recognition system. Users are fully capable of creating products related to machine vision, such as product defect identification in production, license plate recognition, people counting, ensuring AI inference speed and accuracy, highest accuracy.


Especially, the platform is also applied in information security management and monitoring to help detect and warn malicious code in the path, file name as well as behavior and sequence of events.

List price: 473.000$ (hardware is prepared by Buyer) 


I.T Solutions

I.T and Telecom convergence is no longer a technology trend, it is reality now. We are providing end-to-end solutions for telco, banking, government and education customers, focusing on deep packet inspection, cybersecurity, big data analytics, etc… With valued partners,  VNHD aims to be a technology bridge between Vietnam and the world.



SIEM là nền tảng giảm sát tổng thể, đóng vai trò quan trọng, không thể thiếu trong SOC của một tổ chức, đơn vị.

Giải pháp cho phép thu thập, chuẩn hóa, lưu trữ và phân tích tương quan toàn bộ log, các sự kiện được sinh ra trong hệ thống CNTT của tổ chức và cung cấp khả năng giám sát và phân tích dữ liệu, có thể sử dụng giải pháp để tìm kiếm, giám sát, phân tích và xem xét trực quan các dữ liệu do tất cả các thiết bị khác nhau tạo ra

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